Done For You Press Kits

Looking to earn some free publicity? When you use our Done For You Press Kits, we help you earn press attention. We also write Done For You Press Releases on your behalf. Press releases can feature your new products and services. They can also feature the positive things you are doing to impact your local community or a specific nonprofit organization.

A press kit is a package of media about your business that makes it easier for a journalist or reporter to do a story about your business. When you do most of the work for reporters up front, they will be more receptive to your pitch for press for their website, publication, or news story. In addition, it looks more professional and makes your company more appealing to write about.



Consider adding a press kit link to your website:

  • Contact’s name, phone number, and email address
  • High resolution photos (your logo, products, etc.)
  • Map of your local area (if you have a physical location the public visits)
  • History of your company and the story of how it came to be
  • Awards or honors your company has received
  • Testimonials or customer reviews
  • A link to your blog
  • Existing press coverage (a list of and links to articles in newspapers, magazines, and online attention)
  • Videos (about your company and/or its employees)
  • Anything else that will enhance your company’s reputation

Having an available press kit puts you in a better position to earn media attention. Be sure to state who in your company is available for interviews. Nothing is better than free and positive publicity!

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