Done For You Blogging

One of the keys to staying visible online is to provide fresh, quality, and relevant content to your niche.  With our Done For You Blogging, we provide search-engine optimized content, rich with relevant keywords so your ideal audience can find you.

Be sure to blog about WHY people use your products and/or services. Blog posts can and should be shared in your social media.

Give people a sneak peek into what goes on behind the scenes. Feature your employees and give fun facts about them.

When you consistently offer new and useful content in your blog, the search engines will reward you for it. Search engines give preference to websites which consistently add new information.

You will attract more visitors to your website which will lead to more money in your business.

Blog posts can and should answer the questions your customers are asking. Think of every single reason why someone would NOT buy from your company and address those issues in your company blog. The more questions you answer, the more likely people are to buy from you.

Write out the specific messages you want to get across to your ideal customers. Figure out what your customers are thinking, feeling, asking, and going through. Be a resource to help your customers make the best decisions for themselves.

Focus on and feature the following content:

  • The value you provide your customers
  • The problems of your target audience
  • The pros and cons of your competition (as long as they are based on fact)
  • Your reviews and testimonials
  • The best of (in your industry)

The moment your potential customer sees your company more as a teacher than a salesperson, respect dramatically increases. People care about having their questions and concerns answered. Your blog is a place to consistently feature your brand and to answer the questions your target audience is asking.

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